On Earth Are We Learning To Love?


Here we present a working theory about our common origin as humans.

~ The heart of humanity ~

This singular shared origin is the essential reason for us to embrace the fundamental principle of UBUNTU.

In short the idea that:

~ a person is a person through other people ~

Not just a carefully selected few persons but ALL people.

Why ?

Why then predjudice a fellow human because of:

  • culture
  • apearance
  • skin colour
  • ideology
  • economic class
  • sexual orientation

Where To ?

This website and forum set out to promote:

  • Kindness
  • Gender equality
  • Better human relations
  • Common unity without borders
  • Service to humanity
  • Conscious care of planet Earth

And Then ?

From our journey together we will see an emergence of good will leading to a lovingness of one’s fellow human and of the planet itself. This experience of deeper meaning will nurture a sense of belonging and the cultivation of quiet inner peace.

You are welcome to follow the journey as an observer but we invite you rather to actively engage in the conversations.

Your precious feelings and thoughts are important to us. The forum, or Kgotla, as it is called in Africa, is the place where we share our stories together.